So, What’s The BIG Deal About Picking
The “Right” Carpet Cleaning Contractor?

Did you know… the carpet industry receives over one billion dollars of carpet complaints every year? What’s staggering is that 90% of these complaints are linked to improper carpet cleaning procedures or no carpet cleaning at all.

Caution is necessary. If a Carpet Cleaning Company doesn’t follow the Carpet Mill’s cleaning instructions they could void the carpet warranty as early as the first cleaning? We’ve seen it happen!

Be aware that… when commercial carpet is cleaned “as needed” the average life span is only 4-years? The carpet simply turns ugly after 4-years and can’t be revived. But, when carpet is “regularly maintained”, the life of commercial carpet will at least triple.

So, who’s making these statements? The Carpet Mills… the people manufacturing carpet!

So, what makes dryit your “Right” choice?
dryit has been working with Carpet Mills for over two decades educating the consumer in regard to:

  1. Proper Mill cleaning recommendations.
  2. Compliances with manufacturer warranties.
  3. The importance of proper cleaning agents & equipment.

We at dryit have established long-term customer relationships by delivering long-term results. We’ll give you cleaning options you probably don’t know exist…value driven options too good to not consider.


So All Said, Picking The “Right” Carpet
Cleaning Company is a Big Deal!