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Great Service, Great Results & Great Savings!

Founded in 1983, the President of dryit knew that for dryit to be successful and a leader in the carpet cleaning industry, dryit needed to separate itself from its competitors. The process started with education, and a lot of it. Education has been ongoing and is broken into three groups:

  1. Cleaning, to include chemicals and equipment.
  2. Carpet construction.
  3. Carpet installation.

35-years of ongoing education has paid off, elevating dryit to the largest and most successful and respected commercial carpet cleaning company in Wisconsin. To protect our customer's investment we have become well versed with all cleaning agents, cleaning equipment, carpet fiber types, dying processes, density ratings, applications, backings, adhesives, substrate moisture content, mill maintenance specifications and overall product specifications. Most importantly we have become extremely successful in solving carpet care issues for our customers and for carpet mills. Literally knowing the carpet from top to bottom, along with understanding cleaning options that suit the needs of each carpet installation, helps us to deliver clean carpet all year long... safely, without damage or warrantee violations.

dryit prides itself on quality front office personnel continually looking for ways to save our customers money with cleaning budgets that do the job well, without breaking the bank. We also pride ourselves on having trained, honest, diligent and courteous technicians who take pride in their work. We do random drug testing and criminal background checks on our employees to insure we send quality people into our accounts. We use safe, effective, non-residual cleaning agents in all of our accounts that effectively dry out in 4-hours or less. Our guarantee, dating back to 1983 is;

If you're not satisfied with the result of our work... don't pay the bill.

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