Carpet Cleaning Maintenance Defined:

A Systematic Process of Scheduled Care to Keep
Carpet Attractive & Clean… All Year Long.

Our customized CAD Floor Plans, which we produce specifically for your facility, show when and exactly where to clean your carpet. Our unique programs deliver the most effective cleaning available for your carpet investment while keeping your budget on target.

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Step 1: We convert your building into a scaled CAD format showing exactly where all carpet and hard flooring is.

Step 2: We identify your high traffic lanes where major foot traffic flows repetitively.

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Click on above image to enlarge.

Step 3: We locate track-off areas where bulk soil is trafficked onto the carpet off of hard surface flooring including entrances.


Step 4: Once we have determined the traffic lanes and track-off areas, we proceed to build two program options using exact square footage determined by CAD. These two options include costs, cleaning frequencies and locked pricing for a minimum of two years.


When it comes to a Positive Business Image and Preservation of One’s Carpet Investment…